Welcome to Bold Notion Quilting’s official website! (Eeek!) My name is Lauren Jackson, and I am passionate about Quilting! This website was created to showcase classes and tutorials geared at teaching you new free motion quilting skills as well as how to REALLY apply them. Knowing some designs and feeling comfortable applying and combining them are two very different things. My classes not only teach you designs and application, but really encourage you to push yourself and try new techniques. Often you will see me fail and I will walk through my process for correcting and moving forward, this can be really helpful for when you find yourself in a bind! I know that not everyone learns the same way, and you’re in luck, because these videos really utilize following various quilting paths as well as explain WHY we do what we do. It is also important that you can refer back to your learning material as often as you need to, to get down the concepts. So when you login and create an account,  and purchase a class, it is available for you to visit over and over. This is a new site and ever growing so check back for new classes, fabric and tools often!